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Choose to be brave

Hi everyone, Pastor Lori here. So glad you stopped by!

Growing up on the farm, we learned to ride horses on a small pony. His name was Poncho.

I think that if anyone learns how to ride horses on a pony, they can probably ride anything!

He was stubborn but we loved him.

When I was 4 or 5 years old, I started to learn to ride. But whenever I went out by myself to catch Poncho, he would put his ears back and and act like he was going to bite me.

I'd run away afraid. However, Dad said to me, "He's just got you fooled, kid. If you stay put and yell at him, he will quit doing that."

So I gathered the courage and decided to do what Dad said the next time I went to catch Poncho. I went out and again he came at me, ears back, acting like he would bite me. But I closed my eyes, raised my fist and yelled, "Poncho!!!!" There was nothing.

I opened my eyes, and he was just standing there, with a bit of a deflated look on his face like, 'she found me out.' After that catching him was easier.

So many things in life are like Poncho. (not saying Poncho was all bad, he just tried to get away with what he could!). When we stand up and face them, they aren't really that tough.

We have authority in Christ over every power of the enemy, He's put all things under out feet.

(Ephesians1:22 - all things are under His feet and we are part of His body, so they are under our feet!)

I John 4:18 says "There is no fear in love, but perfect love casts out fear..."

We have nothing to fear, because when you know Jesus, you have the perfect love of God inside you.

A good friend, Kim, had an opportunity, though it seemed big and perhaps challenging to her at the time. She stepped out though, and took it and succeeded amazingly.

Afterwards she said, "I'm so glad I chose to be brave."

What a great statement! Every day we have a choice with many things that face us.

Choose to be brave today. Trust in God's presence and ability within you and remember you have authority to rule and reign, in this life! (Romans 5:17 amplified)

Choose to be brave!

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