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Christmas in the Barn! A Christmas Miracle

This is another true Miracle story from a book (in the making) called Mom's Miracles.

"I became a believer during Easter time in 1974. I had had a radical conversion experience and had no one to share it with as I knew no other Christians.

I kind of stumbled along in my newfound faith.
But I remember thinking, 'Christmas is going to be different this year.'

One very cold evening I went out to milk the cow in our small barn. This was about 10 days before Christmas.

As soon as I walked into the barn and switched the light on, I was overwhelmed by warmth and light and a welcoming sweetness.

I sensed the presence of the Holy Family and I felt I belonged there. I didn’t see anything different, but everything was vivid and electrifying…the Percheron horses were munching their oats and the steam coming off their backs after evening chores, seemed to be singing. Everything was singing, rejoicing…the crunching of the oats, the milk cow contentedly chewing her grain and the barn kittens playfully meowing waiting for their squirt of milk.

There was a perfection to everything I looked at..every straw on the floor looked beautiful and perfect. The aroma of the hay was sweeter than I had ever experienced and so refreshing!

When I sat down to milk, the milk seemed to be making a melody with each squirt into the pail. Even the cow was content with no switching of her tail! There was a joy permeating the whole atmosphere and what was amazing was that it seemed so wonderfully natural to me. Even the kittens seemed to sense something special as I playfully aimed at their mouths for the stream of fresh milk they always waited for.

I didn’t want to leave and I stayed out as long as I could before someone would come looking for me. It was -30 outside but not in the barn.

I understood how Heaven and nature sang when Jesus was born into the earth because nature was singing every time I went out to the barn.

My family had other chores to do outside and when they came back into the house I would ask “how are things at the barn?” I’d get a strange look and I realized I was the only one who knew what was going on out there.

I am sure my family wondered why I insisted on milking the next few days as we usually took turns, but they didn’t mind at all. : ) Each day I would go out a little fearful the warmth and sense of the Holy Presence would be gone.

On the evening of the 6th day when I went out to milk, the barn was cold and empty, back to normal. I felt sad, but I still thank my Lord for that wonderful blessing which I can’t fully describe, for the wonder of it all!"

Thank you Mom, for that amazing account of God's presence!

My prayer for all reading this blog is that you may know God's love and presence in your heart! That's why Jesus came! God loves you so!

If you want to accept Jesus as your Savior, pray this prayer:

"Jesus, thank you for coming to this earth, for living and dying on the cross for me and rising again. I confess my sin and receive Your forgiveness. I believe that You are Lord and that God raised you from the dead. I receive You right now as my Lord and Savior. Thank You that the Bible says that I am now born again!

In Jesus Name, Amen."

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