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Talk About It!

Talk about it!

Have you ever been is situation or conversation that just went from bad to worse? Of where people were talking about anything but the problem - the proverbial elephant in the room?

Or you knew something was wrong, but no one was saying anything?

Communication is so important!

Communication diffuses the confusion of assumption.

When there is no communication, people can assume anything, and they usually do and usually it's wrong! Or at least not totally true.

Communication is an act of care and of honour.

It seeks to bring a clear understanding of a situation for the sake of relationship.

Communication seeks healing.

Talking about things, even if it is hard, is a higher way to live.

Communication builds a bridge to connect.

There are many couples and families and relationships that have lost intimacy because of not talking about things that are important or that are issues, that truly need to be dealt with.

Over time those things little by little separate people. Trust is lost.

Tenderness is lost.

The bible, however, says to 'speak the truth in love.' (Ephesians 4:15)

When we love, it is way easier to hear things and to speak things.

Remember the old song, 'just a spoon full of sugar helps the medicine to down?'

That's so true. When we know we are loved, we can at least hear something that may be harder to hear, even if we don't agree with it.

God is a very clear communicator.

Let's follow the example of our wonderful heavenly Father. He gave us His word, a whole book of communication!

Jesus is the word made flesh. (John 1)

He says His sheep know His voice. (John 10:5)

He gives us prayer to talk to Him, He says to come boldly to His throne of grace!

(Hebrews 4:16) What a great God we have!

Let us be people who clearly communicate - in love, in instruction, in having no offense but let us go and deal properly with it.

Let us seek clarity and clear relationship with others, all for the glory of God and forwarding His kingdom of love.

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