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I Don't Want To Be An Angel!

Hello Everyone! Thanks for stopping by!

The following is another chapter from the book in the making, "Mom's Miracles!"

Enjoy her journey in getting to know the Lord and His tremendous love and care for us.

One thing that bothered me is that I didn’t want to be an angel. I so welcomed God as my Father. It seemed as soon as I knew Jesus, I wasn’t afraid of God any more. I was terrified of Him at first when I met Him but as soon as I became His child, His adopted child through

Jesus, I wasn’t afraid anymore! He was my Father. And since I’d never had a father in my life I just thought it was so neat! I have a Father now.

So I could talk to Him about just about anything.

So I told Him, “I’m sorry God, but I really don’t want to be an angel – can’t I just be a gardener in heaven?” That would have made me happy.

The idea of being an angel, floating around and playing a harp didn’t have any appeal to me…(the misconceptions we have!)

It was really bothering me because I knew I was going to live eternally now and I didn’t want to live eternally like THAT!.

One night, God gave me either a dream or a vision; I’m not sure which it was. I found myself standing in this beautiful place, I knew it was heaven. Everything was bright, people were there. I didn’t see any people with wings. I saw people that were busy, they were getting ready. They are getting ready for us, they are anticipating our coming!

This one lady in particular that was sitting right in front of me wasvworking on a beautiful material that looked like a tapestry, so beautiful, like a serape for a special horse.

I thought, “Gee that’s beautiful!” I just thought it.

She looked at me and replied, “It’s for the parade.”

I asked, “What parade?”

As soon as I said, ‘what parade’, I SAW the parade!

When I came across Revelation 19 a few months later, I recognized what the vision was about.

I think I’ll read a little bit about it.

Revelation 19:14 “ And the armies in heaven, clothed in fine

linen, white and clean, followed Him on white horses.”

That’s what I saw and somehow I realized that I was going to be riding with Him. I thought, “I need to learn to ride!”

I didn’t know how to ride a horse. All my family were excellent riders and again I thought, “I need to learn to ride.”

All this was in the first year of my salvation experience. In the back of my mind I kept thinking that I’ve got to learn to ride. I kept thinking about Revelation.

So I said, “Lord Jesus, will You help me to learn to ride? I know I can do all things with You, because I’d read that.”

“I can do all things through Christ Who strengthens me” Phil. 4:13

So I took my son’s old gymkhana pony out into the pasture and all that summer Jesus taught me how to ride. I didn’t know how to ride before.

It was amazing! I can do all things through Christ!

The horse only piled me once when a couple of dogs came running out of the bush and he shied sideways. The next thing I knew I was on the ground on my knees looking up at him. He was looking at me like, “What’s wrong?”

I did learn to ride on that little horse. He was a good horse to learn to ride on. I learned to anticipate his sideways jumps (which I think he enjoyed doing)

Little did I know that the next year we were going to be taking people on 10 day pack trips into the mountains. I would have embarrassed my family if I hadn’t known how to ride.

We were riding along out there one day and I said, “Lord, You are so tricky! You made me think it was my idea and it was Your idea so You could help me learn to ride! That way I could ride and not embarrass my family out in the mountains when we take all these other people with us!”

He knew what the long range plan was! I was so thankful to Him.

God is just so neat!

One time when we were out in the mountains there were 5 men and myself. It was in the evening and we were sitting out around the campfire.

Some of them were drinking some whisky and I was sitting there thinking, “What about these guys Lord, what hope is there for them?”

I heard God say, “I have a special place in My heart for tough old cowboys.”

I said, “What??” Did I hear right?

He said again, “I have a special place in My heart for tough old cowboys.”

I had to leave the campfire for the tears that came...and I felt sorry for my judgmental thoughts.

Over time, I know 4 of those “tough old cowboys” had their own experiences of accepting the sacrifice of our Lord on the cross.

We had many wonderful years of mountain trips with so many special people and we had adventures along the way, plus many, many plain fun times!

When the Lord speaks, He speaks somewhere between your heart and your head. It’s through our reborn spirit, so it might sound like us but it’s not something that we would know. It’s wisdom that we wouldn’t have and that’s how He speaks. That’s part of how He speaks to me.

When He said we can do ALL things through Christ, He took the limits off.

If it is something He gives us to do, He will accomplish it!

He wants His children to be successful and I know He is delighted when we are!

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