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Mom's Miracles

My brother and sisters and I grew up having the most wonderful mother. She became a Christian at 30 years old after having had a near death experience. When she came home from the hospital, she was a different person.

God did and does miracles for and through mom.

The following account is one of mom’s true, bonafide miracles that I very much remember as a child. I hope you enjoy this amazing, true account of God’s love and provision.

(A chapter from a book in the making called, “Mom’s Miracles”.)

The Miracle of the Beds (as told by mom)

As a new Christian, I didn’t know that God would be interested in us or interested in everything concerning ours and our family’s lives.

Then I read Matthew 6:33 which says, “…seek ye first the kingdom of God and His righteousness and all these things will be added to you.”

But before that verse it says that the birds of the air would be looked after and the flowers would be clothed; that everything we have need of, God knows that we need these things.

One thing we really needed was a bed. This was back in 1974.

We had been farming since 1966.

Being on the farm we had lots of food, but not much money.

Again, I didn’t think God could possibly be interested in providing for stuff like that - I had no idea!

But I said, “Lord, if You think that we need a bed, will You please bring us a bed?”

About a week later, my mom called and said, “I’m buying a mobile home. I would like to get rid of the bed in it and put my own bed in there. Could you use a bed?”

I said, “Yes, could we ever!”

So she said, “I’ll bring it out next week.”

The next week she came out with a truck. I was so excited I could hardly stand still!

We unloaded the bed on the lawn and I looked at it and thought, “Wow, thank You God!”

However, no sooner did we get that bed unloaded, a big truck drove into the driveway with a large load of furniture on it.

It was a relative that was moving from Calgary to Salmon Arm, B.C.

He said to us, “I have a bed for you!”

I said, “Well….we’ve got a bed…” gesturing to the one on the lawn.

He said, “I have a better bed!”

He then insisted we unload this bed! He wouldn’t take ‘no’ for an answer!

It was right on the very top of the furniture.

We unloaded the second bed and he took off. That was it and he was gone. He didn’t even stop for coffee, which was unusual on the farm!

I looked at both those beds sitting out on our lawn and I thought, “Wow!”

My sister and her husband then pulled in to the yard. They were living just a few miles from us.

My sister looked and said, “Beds!”

I asked, “Do you need a bed?”

“Oh, do we need a bed!” she said.

So praise God, they got a bed and we got a bed!

The next day I was looking at the lawn where the beds had been sitting the day before; I was still trying to believe it all.

God then spoke to me, “You see how willing and able I am to provide for you materially, how much more am I willing to look after your spiritual concerns for your family.”

A great peace and rest came upon me and in my heart to trust the Lord with everything, knowing He cares even more than I could think or imagine.

God always taught the biggest lessons through practical, material things

and He taught me three valuable lessons that day, lessons that have stayed with me.

  1. He delights in us and in answering our prayers.

  2. He maneuvers unbelievers to accomplish His will (neither of those 2 people were believers at the time).

  3. He gives to us abundantly so that we can give to others!

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